Sultan Biya is an average size man who completed second degree, get hired some where for 7 years and quit for some reason. That is all. One more thing here, he love to read philosophy and physics as well as neurology and most importantly like to use chat-some religious persons consider  it as a drug.

My friends told me and i also believe them in that  that i'm good in handling business and get serious about growing, loving and being the best person i can be. but i'm not  too serious to the extent that it  hinder  my ability to enjoy an awesome life like being questioned by a cop can hinder an enjoyable  trip.

I,m not all serious about what people think about me, even if i'm one of those silent mysterious types with a serious demeanor, is not being authentic… it’s putting on a show..

Sometimes i just gotta be able to laugh at myself.

Going with the flow and letting it hang out… warts, bumps, lumps and all…. and not taking my thoughts serious about what others think of me all the time… not trying to appear tough, cool and on top of my game.. when i know i amn’t, is the way to go every single time.

doing the best of my abilities to my customer and humanity is my deepest interest and i realize now that here ,the opportunity for realizing that goal seems to be at our hand.

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